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South Tyrolean Housing Market attracts Secure Investments

In Europe, Residential real estate is still the most secure asset class. Multi-family homes and condominiums are also very popular amongst investors in South Tyrol. Often these units are used as vacation homes or leased to third parties.

At the same time these units are also used as a primary residence, because the quality of life and scenery around Brunico are spectacular. In the higher levels of condominiums, you will find amazing views with an incredible atmosphere year-round. Our agents are your primary contact if you are interested to buy real estate in South Tyrol.

Gelegenheit! Geräumige Vierzimmerwohnung in zentraler Lage bei Sterzing mit der Möglichkeit, eine identische Wohnung im Spiegelbild zu erwerben 235.000,00 €
approx. 89 sqm 4 rooms
Apartment, Wiesen  
Gelegenheit! Geräumige Vierzimmerwohnung in zentraler Lage bei Sterzing mit der Möglichkeit, eine identische Wohnung im Spiegelbild zu erwerben 235.000,00 €
approx. 89 sqm 4 rooms
Apartment, Wiesen  
Neue Zweizimmerwohnung mit Keller und Autoabstellplatz in St. Johann/Ahrntal 650,00 €
approx. 50 sqm 2 rooms
Apartment, Ahrntal  
Neu renovierte, einmalige Zweizimmer-Altbauwohnung im Zentrum von Bruneck 1.000,00 €
2 rooms
Apartment, Bruneck  
Große, renovierungsbedürftige Wohung in denkmalgeschützen Gebäude mit viel Potential im Dorfzentrum Price on request
approx. 230 sqm 8 rooms
Apartment, Salurn  
Absolute Wohlfühloase im Herzen von Sterzing Price on request
approx. 73 sqm 3 rooms
Apartment, Sterzing  
Gemütliche Vierzimmerwohnung in top Lage in Sterzing 360.000,00 €
approx. 80 sqm 4 rooms
Apartment, Sterzing  
Ideale Investition: sanierte Zweizimmerwohnung mit Balkon (WG4) 260.000,00 €
approx. 39 sqm 2 rooms
Apartment, Sand in Taufers  
Sanierte, ab sofort bezugsfertige Zweizimmerwohnung in Sand in Taufers (WG3) 270.000,00 €
approx. 38 sqm 2 rooms
Apartment, Sand in Taufers  
Ideale Geldanlage: vermietete Zweizimmerwohnung am Ortseingang von Sand in Taufers 175.000,00 €
approx. 34 sqm 2 rooms
Apartment, Sand in Taufers  
Ideal als Geldanlage: vermietete Einzimmerwohnung im Erdgeschoss am Ortseingang von Sand in Taufers 175.000,00 €
approx. 34 sqm 1 rooms
Apartment, Sand in Taufers  
Möblierte, sofort beziehbare Dreizimmerwohnung mit Balkon in Gossensaß 235.000,00 €
approx. 75 sqm 3 rooms
Apartment, Gossensaß  
Neue, großzügige Dachgeschosswohnung mit Panoramablick in Antholz-Mittertal Price on request
approx. 71 sqm 3 rooms
Apartment, Antholz  
Dreizimmerwohnung im historischem Zentrum von Sterzing 300.000,00 €
3 rooms
Apartment, Sterzing  
Dreizimmerwohnung in zentraler Lage in Freienfeld 150.000,00 €
approx. 55 sqm 3 rooms
Apartment, Freienfeld  
Exklusive Familienwohnung in zentraler Lage in Gossensaß Price on request
5 rooms
Apartment, Gossensaß  
Freie Zweizimmerwohnung mit großem Garten im Zentrum von Bruneck - NEUBAU 410.000,00 €
approx. 48 sqm 2 rooms
Apartment, Bruneck  
Gemütliche Wohnung in zentraler, ruhiger Lage in St. Vigil Price on request
2 rooms
Apartment, Enneberg/Mareo  
Luxuriöse Vierzimmer-Neubauwohnung in ruhiger Lage Price on request
approx. 99 sqm 4 rooms
Apartment, Bruneck  

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Location and Storey are the most significant criteria

In the city center or just outside? The various types of properties can be suitable for anyone. In our portfolio you can find various condos or houses that suit your taste. Whether you want to live in the downtown area or the quiet surroundings, there are many opportunities available. If your desired property is currently not available, we will start looking for it, on your behalf, right away. During this process your wishes and desires will not be neglected, whether it is the center penthouse or the urban family home with a garden.

Small Condos to Rent or Buy

Investments are made in the smaller condominium segment from 1 to 2 bedrooms and 30 m² to 60 m². The excellent floor layouts are ideal for your vacation destination and are popular amongst tourists. These condos can serve more families and can be rented out fully furnished. The investment of such a condo is a safe investment as one can use it as its own vacation rental or put it up for lease.

Penthouse Apartments are in high demand

In the wealthy region of South Tyrol penthouse apartments have evolved as some of the most demanded properties. A lot of times, some of these luxurious and spacious penthouse apartments are invisible from the outside of the building. In addition, these penthouse apartments give your spectacular views over the Dolomites. Patios are protected from your neighbors and allow you to enjoy sunrises and sunsets privately. In existing buildings, units are merged together to create more space for exclusive penthouse apartments. Refurbishments are made to a high standard, in addition to creating an exclusive interior look. This makes it easier for a potential buyer to feel at home right away.

Reliable Sale of Real Estate

For more than 45 years, the name Dr. Ausserhofer Real Estate has been  synonymous for reliable and competent sales in the housing markets of Brunico, Vipiteno and the entire region. Our services have been used by local and an international customer’s alike. On sight you can find suiting offers and we can show you properties in great locations according to your taste.

Dr. Ausserhofer Real Estate Agency – Visit Us

If you are looking for a new home or want to sell yours? If you need assistance with any and all of your real estate needs in South Tyrol, we are your first contact. Come visit or call us. We are happy to serve you and aim to please!

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