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Due to the many industrial and trade firms in the region, Val Pusteria-Pustertal is one of the strongest economic areas in northern Italy. In the last decades tourism has also developed into a very important industry and has grown steadily. If one would like to start a new business, the infrastructure and opportunity are readily available.  In order to find the right building that meets your needs to start with, we are the right partner to find the location and we will analyze your requirements whether you want to buy or rent.

Ebenerdige Hallenfläche mit großzügiger Freifläche price on request
Halls / warehouse / production, Percha  
Geschäftslokal/Büro im Zentrum von Bruneck price on request
1 rooms
Business premise, Bruneck  
Funktionale Hallenfläche mit Auffahrrampe zu verkaufen price on request
Halls / warehouse / production, Obervintl  
Repräsentatives, voll ausgestattetes Großraumbüro in Welsberg - MIETE ALL INCLUSIVE 800,00 €
1 rooms
Practice- / Office Spaces, Welsberg-Taisten  
Großzügiges Büro in strategisch guter Lage in Bruneck price on request
Practice- / Office Spaces, Bruneck  
HOTELPROJEKT in großzügiger Anlage, in außergewöhnlicher Lage in Sterzing price on request
60 rooms
Hospitality industry, Sterzing  
Büro/Studio/Ambulatorium im Zentrum von Sterzing price on request
3 rooms
Practice- / Office Spaces, Sterzing  
Bürolokal in denkmalgeschütztem Altbau in der Stadtgasse von Bruneck price on request
2 rooms
Practice- / Office Spaces, Bruneck  
Bürolokal in der Stadtgasse von Bruneck zu vermieten price on request
Practice- / Office Spaces, Bruneck  
Magazin in Sterzing zu verkaufen price on request
Halls / warehouse / production, Sterzing  
Sonderobjekt am Brenner - ideal für Micro Apartments oder Mitarbeiterwohnungen price on request
Hospitality industry, Brenner  
Büro, Arztpraxis oder Geschäftslokal in Bruneck, Neubau KAPUZINERPARK price on request
Practice- / Office Spaces, Bruneck  
MULTIFUNKTIONALE Geschäftsflächen in optimaler Lage in Bruneck - nutzbar als Geschäft, Büro, Showroom oder Lager 730.000,00 €
Practice- / Office Spaces, Bruneck  
Ausstellungsraum/Büro/Werkstatt in der Altstadt von Sterzing zu vermieten price on request
Practice- / Office Spaces, Sterzing  
Bar/Cafe im Dorfzentrum von Niedervintl - ideal auch für eine Bäckerei mit Café/Barbetrieb price on request
Hospitality industry, Vintl  
Metzgerei im Oberpustertal mit Magazinen und Zubehör zu verkaufen price on request
Business premise,  

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Gastronomy in South Tyrol: A Growing Inudstry

The hospitality industry has a long tradition in South Tyrol. In small cities and villages, you can find a number of historic restaurants that are still running successfully. A reason for this is the year-round tourism, because the Dolomites are worth visiting all year long. The sensational cuisine is well liked by tourists and you will often find visitors from around the world. If you have the idea to open a new restaurant or need a new location, we can assist you with finding it.


If you look at the overnight stays in South Tyrol, you can see how the hospitality sector is booming. If you would like to open a B&B or a hotel, you can find opportunities in and around Brunico. There are even some buildings that can be renovated and restored and are ready to be re-opened. Through our network of partners in the region, we have the best contacts available to find out about such rare opportunities.

Retail and Department Stores

South Tyrol is also famous for its retail sector. Small boutiques and local department stores have flourished and are loved by locals and tourists alike. Creative business ideas are welcomed and if you would like to open a store, we have the right ideas where you can open these types of stores.

Practice- and Office Space

South Tyrol is very famous for its health, spa and wellness culture. There are many doctors and therapists in the region, that we have assisted with their real estate transaction and finding the right practice in the perfect location. We have also assisted many companies and independents to find the right office space. We will analyze your needs and will look for the right space that suits your company.

Industrial Real Estate

Traditionally South Tyrol has been known and been famous for its artisanal sector. Through this innovative mindset, many companies have evolved and been attracted to the area. If you are looking for a small workshop or a larger storage- or production building, there are many opportunities available. Our agents will look at your requirements and needs so you can solely focus on your business.

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If you are looking for a new home or want to sell yours? If you need assistance with any and all of your real estate needs in South Tyrol, we are your first contact. Come visit or call us. We are happy to serve you and aim to please!

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